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*Pre-order for SS-16 shirts & SevenStock banners is CLOSED.
Past event shirts available for a few weeks.

Due to high demand, we are taking pre-orders for SevenStock 16 shirts for a limited time from November 19 to November 24 ONLY. There is also limited quantities of previous SevenStock event shirts available for purchase.

How to order:
  1. Click "Add to Cart" next to the item(s) you wish to purchase.
  2. Enter the quantity on the next page in the shopping cart.
  3. Click "Continue Shopping" in the shopping cart to return to this page and add more items.
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SevenStock 16 (2013) Men's Shirt - Black (chest size in inches)

SevenStock 16 (2013) Women's V-Neck -Black (sizing / chest fit)

SevenStock 15 (2012) Men's Shirt - Gray (chest size in inches) Only 1 Size Left!

SevenStock 15 (2012) Women's V-Neck - Gray (sizing/chest fit) Only 1 size left!

SevenStock 14 (2011) Men's Shirt/ Women's V-Neck - Black (in inches)

SevenStock 13 (2010) Men's Shirt - Gray (in inches) - S, M & L sizes

License Plate Frames: $5 each

******************READ BEFORE ORDERING******************
At this time, license frames are only allowed as an add-on item to T-shirt orders. Orders only containing a license frame(s) will be cancelled.
Make sure to select the correct button, otherwise your item cannot be shipped.
Fits US plates 12" W x 6" H (305mm x 152 mm)

SevenStock License Frame - DOMESTIC USA ORDERS ONLY
Extra Postage: $1.50 1st piece, $1 each additional

SevenStock License Frame - INTERNATIONAL ORDERS
Extra Postage: $5 USD 1st piece, $3 each additional

Banners: Available again at SS-17?

***************** READ BEFORE ORDERING *****************
The buttons below are for the exact same banner. The difference is in shipping costs. Make sure you select the correct option otherwise you will be charged incorrectly and your item cannot be shipped.

Banner ordering is CLOSED. No orders will be accepted at this time.

SevenStock Banner (6ft H x 2ft W) - DOMESTIC USA ORDERS ONLY
Postage: $5 each piece

SevenStock Banner (6ft H x 2ft W) - INTERNATIONAL ORDERS
Postage: $30 1st piece, $10 each additional, same order